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Druk Research & Education Network (DrukREN) started as national project funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 2014 to provide high speed network access to colleges under Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) in Bhutan.

The project is implemented by the Department of Information Technology & Telecom, Ministry of Information & Communications to complement development philosophy of country – “To promote a green and self reliant economy sustained by an IT enabled knowledge society guided by the philosophy of Gross National Happiness”.

Druk Research & Education Network (DrukREN) is dedicated Research & Education Network for research & education community in Bhutan. DrukREN is 10 Gbps high speed network with its Point of Presence in 11 out of 20 districts. NSRC provided technical assistance to design DrukREN.

DrukREN became operational in April 2018. DrukREN is operated and managed by DITT, MoIC. DrukREN will further extend high speed connectivity to all other research & education institutes in the country.

DITT, MoIC is representing DrukREN as a participating member of Asi@Connect Project which is supported by the European Union to connect NRENs in the Asia Pacific since 2009. DrukREN maintains close relationship with global research & education community such as TEIN*CC, NSRC, NKN and many more.  

DrukREN currently connects all 9 colleges under Royal University of Bhutan including Office of the Vice Chancellor and 10 hospitals located around the country. DrukREN also provides International Commercial Transit for its members by purchasing transit from local Internet Service Provider. The international connection to global research & education network via NKN has been commissioned. 


DrukREN connects research and education establishments to one common network thus replacing their existing commercial Internet access with dedicated higher speed links. Royal Government of Bhutan is committed to support DrukREN.

DITT, MoIC is planning to institutionalize Steering Committee exclusively to govern DrukREN. Steering Committee will have members from all the colleges and institutes that would be connected to DrukREN. The network will be run as a cooperative, effectively forming a buyer’s club: Operated by the national R&E community for the R&E community.

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